Lewis Engineering provides large and small metal stampings. Simply give us a drawing, and we’ll do the rest.

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Our Stamping & Forming department is equipped with a complete line of preses and press brakes ranging from 5 to 300 ton capacity. The 60 to 300 ton preses are equipped with air cushions to perform compound die work. Press brakes can form material up to 14 feet in length. Our press bed capacity will accomodate dies to 54” x 96”. Coil handling, material leveling and stock feeders are available on all press jobs requiring continious material feeding.

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Stamping Experience

Lewis Engineering has ample experience in stamping metal shapes using complicated dies. The customer gives our engineers a drawing and we then decide what tonnage is required as well as handle getting a die made to produce your part. At one time Lewis Engineering stamped 180,000 bead plates a month for Firestone. This is a component found on the air ride suspension on 18-wheeler trucks. Lewis Engineering has feeders, press brakes, and sraighteners that do nothing but help facilitate your project. High volume and close tolerance is no problem for our stamping department.

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Tool & Die

Our staff has the ability to service and design simple dies. If your stamping is very complicated we team up with companies who do nothing but design dies. This expertise insures that your part is stamped the right way as well as being sure that little to know material is wasted in the process. Management wants to do whatever it takes to make sure you receive the best quality at the best price available.